Episode 162 | Alpha

Episode 162 | Alpha

Jad Levi & Kiersten Telzerow joined the show to talk about the work Alpha is doing to start conversations, answer questions and have a dialog about the Christian faith.

Podcast Guests

Jad Levi

Jad Levi lives to see the Church thrive in her mission to make disciples; which is why he loves Alpha. Jad serves with Alpha helping to launch new Alpha networks in select cities/regions across the country. He is based out of Phoenix, AZ where he co-leads Trinitas Church with his wife Jaime. They have three beautiful daughters; Jadyn, Jolie, and Joslyn.

Kiersten Telzerow

Kiersten Telzerow lives in Washington DC, has a goldendoodle named Luna and a husband named Matt. She works at National Community Church as a Small Group Director; prior to that, she went to school for ministry, was a resident at a church in Georgia, and then graduated with an M.Div. In addition, she serves as one of the Alpha Hub Church Directors for the DC metro area. She absolutely loves Alpha and the opportunity it allows people to enter a safe space and a safe conversation to explore some of the things they may be questioning or curious about.