Episode 148 | Helping India During the Covid-19 Crisis

Episode 148 | Helping India During the Covid-19 Crisis

Today a humanitarian crisis rages on the other side of the globe as Covid ravages cities and communities in India.  With as many as 400,000 new Covid cases a day, hospitals are overwhelmed as people wait in line to receive lifesaving medical treatment.  The DMV, with its larger ethnic Indian community, is especially connected to this tragedy. Jake Abraham shared how we can help. To get involved click here.

Podcast Guest

Sunish “Jake” Abraham

Sunish “Jake” Abraham, a self-proclaimed cultural mutt, was born in India and raised in India and the Philippines before moving to the United States, then Australia and currently in Washington DC.  Jake has led diverse projects in Australia, India, Southeast Asia and the US and currently serves with Cru, a global community passionate about connecting people to Jesus.  Jake also serves as Assistant Director at OneHeartDC, a city-wide network of over 700 churches and organizations in the Washington DC area.

Jake also serves on the leadership of the Advance Initiative, a movement of ethnic Indians around the world planting multi-ethnic churches and as President and Director of the Indus Forum.