Episode 3 | Racial Reconciliation

racial reconciliation

Episode 3 | Racial Reconciliation

There have been several acts of racism recently in America. From white supremacist rally in Charlottesville to Confederate Flags with cotton attached to it found on the campus of American University. Also found on the campus of American University were bananas tied together with ropes in the form of a noose and Swastikas spray painted on the campus of the University of Maryland.
In this episode Pastor Dexter Nutall and Jeremy White talked about the causes and the extent of the racial divide in America and even the church. They discussed how we could move beyond the national dialog everyone says we must have, and move forward with solution based action.
Podcast Guests
Dexter Nutall - New Bethel Baptist Church - Washington DC 3

Dexter Nutall, Sr. Pastor, New Bethel Baptist Church

Jeremy White

Jeremy White, President of Christian Young Adults & Restore Hope Consulting