Episode 76 | Dealing with Grief

Episode 76 | Dealing with Grief

When tragedy hits it’s not easy to deal with the grief associated with the loss. Some say “time heals all wounds” but what if it doesn’t? What if it’s been years and you’re still struggling with grief? Indeed, there are some losses that are extremely difficult to deal with but there is hope in Jesus. Today’s guest, Daniel Rebeiz reminds us of this truth.


Podcast Guest

Daniel Rebeiz

Daniel Rebeiz is an Artist, Musician and Worship Leader here in the Greater Washington DC area. He came to know Jesus in 1995 while driving home from a gig, as a secular musician late one night, listening to Jars of Clay – a Christian group. The next day he prayed Jesus into my heart with a friend who had been witnessing to him.

Since then he was a volunteer worship musician at McLean Bible Church and served with the worship team for 8 years. Met his wife while on a mission trip to Brazil.

Currently his family now serves at Reston Bible church where he is a volunteer worship leader and his wife of 16 years, Susan, who homeschools their three girls works part time in the youth ministry.

Daniel also now work full-time as an artist specializing in graphic design, animation, motion graphics, 3D design and animation, voice-over, music composition, and sound design.