Episode 74 | Families Dealing with Addiction

Episode 74 | Families Dealing with Addiction

Families face various challenges. Helping a loved one who struggles with an addiction is an extremely difficult task but there is hope. Fred and Jason Leamnson shared their story of recovery from addiction.

Please use the below resources if you or a loved one needs help.

Your Complete Guide to Support for Parents of Addicted Loved Ones (PAL)

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You are not alone! Pal Group helps thousands of parents, spouses, and families,  gain support while dealing with the pain of having an addicted loved one. List us at PAL Group

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Podcast Guests

Fred Leamnson

Fred Leamnson was a previous guest on Good News For The City (Sept. 2018 – Episode #42) as he shared the perspective of a parent dealing with a child who has an addiction. On this episode he was joined by his son Jason to share their story together.


Jason Leamnson

Jason Leamnson joined his dad Fred for what can be considered part 2 of this discussion of dealing with family members who have an addiction. Jason shared his story of recovery.