Episode 248 | Christ-centered, Family-friendly Filmmaking

Episode 248 | Christ-centered, Family-friendly Filmmaking

Mark David Kennerly and his daughter Madison Kennerly joined the show to talk about using creative gifts in filmmaking to influence unacceptable social realities like racism to make our world better and to disciple people to know and follow Jesus.

Podcast Guests
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Mark David Kennerly

Mark David Kennerly is a Pastor, Filmmaker & Author. He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (NYC) and has worked as a professional actor and writer in NYC and Hollywood. He became a Christian in 1994. In 2004, he founded Impact Christian Church (formerly Impact Christian Center) in Stephens City, VA (near Winchester) where he currently serves as senior pastor. Under his leadership many generations of individuals and families are being discipled.

Mark David took a 23-year hiatus from the entertainment industry and has returned to focus on Christ-centered and family-friendly filmmaking, television, and multimedia under the umbrella of 1922 Productions  that he and Kimberley, his wife of 28 years, founded,. In 2020, along with their daughter Madison Kennerly, they produced the feature film …”if My People”… aimed at uniting the Body of Christ through racial reconciliation. Mark David has recently released two books related to the movie, …if My People… 40 Day Transformation and …if My People… 40 Day Devotional. He will soon launch a video podcast entitled …if My People… Reconcile.


Madison Kennerly

Madison Kennerly, daughter of Mark David Kennerly, was a Producer on the film  “If My People”. Madison graduated from Liberty University’s Cinematic Arts program in 2020, and has since worked as a Producer on another faith-based feature film, Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s, which was also filmed in Northern Virginia. She currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia and works as a Production Coordinator on several projects each year. Madison is an active member of Victory Church in Atlanta & believes that in the film industry, one of the most valuable places that a believer can be is working alongside cast and crew members who do not know the Lord and sharing the gospel through engagement and relationships.