Episode 116 | More Than A Carpenter Lunch with Josh McDowell

Episode 116 | More Than A Carpenter Lunch with Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell and Phil Kratovil joined the show to talk about the More Than A Carpenter Virtual Lunch event.

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Josh McDowell 

Josh McDowell has addressed more than 46 million people, giving talks in 139 countries. He has written or co-authored 151 books in 128 languages including “More Than a Carpenter” with over 27 million copies distributed and “Evidence That Demands a Verdict” which was named one of the twentieth century’s top 40 books. In 1991, Josh founded Operation Carelift to meet the physical and spiritual needs he discovered in orphanages, hospitals, schools, and prisons all over the world.

Operation Carelift has delivered humanitarian aid (food, clothing, and medical supplies) worth more than $46,000,000. That is the equivalent of 278 forty-ton containers. Nearly one million children have received school supplies, food items, hygiene items, and toys from the volunteers that traveled twice a year to share God’s love with them.


Phil Kratovil

Phil Kratovil is the Director of Evangelism at Vienna Presbyterian Church. He leads Bridgepoint Connections where they seek to connect our professional, spiritual and personal lives and to develop leaders and emerging leaders from the inside out. Bridgepoint Connections provides opportunities and environments to help you successfully balance your time, relationships, and work by developing an integrated life and worldview.