Episode 15 | Pointing To Life & Christ Pt.1

Episode 15 | Pointing To Life & Christ Pt.1

Unexpected and unplanned pregnancies can put someone’s life into crisis mode in may different ways. There’s financial implications, physical implications and not to mention the responsibility and commitment of raising a child.

There are some who offer a choice that would seem to be a way out; abortion. However there are those who would offer an alternative – life. In addition to offering a path toward life there are some who are rolling up their sleeves, pointing people towards life and offering assistance as you choose life.

Joining us today is Margery Williams, CEO of Sanctity of Life Ministries. Nova Pregnancy Help Center  & Kay Gardener, Director of the NOVA Pregnancy Help Center – Fairfax location and are sharing the importance of pointing to life and Christ.

Podcast Guests

Margery Williams – CEO of Sanctity of Life Ministries. Nova Pregnancy Help Center

Margery Williams is the CEO of Sanctity of Life Ministries. Margery has been with SLM since 2005 and was instrumental in the conversion of both locations to medical clinics. As CEO, she leads all staff and volunteers at both locations. Margery directs all development activities and events to keep the doors open so SML can assist over 700 women in northern Virginia each year. She received her college education at Gordon College studying English and Education.


Kay Gardner, Director (Fairfax location) Nova Pregnancy Help Center

Kay is the Director at the Fairfax pregnancy center since 2001. She oversees both staff and volunteers who serves women from the community every day. Because she enjoys helping women find their way through difficult circumstances, she personally counsels many clients each year. Kay has a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University and an Advanced Certification from Grace Ministries Biblical Counseling Institute.