Episode 217 | Staying the Course Pt. 2

Episode 217 | Staying the Course Pt. 2

Mike Minter joined the show to discuss his book “Stay the Course – A PASTOR’S GUIDE to Navigating the Restless Waters of Ministry”. This is Part 2 of that discussion.

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Mike Minter 

Mike Minter was born into a Navy family in Providence, Rhode Island. His father was an Admiral. He attended the Naval Academy and has a degree from Old Dominion University in Political Science. While traveling with a friend through Europe, Mike trusted the Lord Jesus Christ as his savior through this friend’s consistent witness.

With a growing desire to study and teach the Scriptures, Mike entered Florida Bible College and graduated with a degree in Bible. He met and married his wife, Kay, and was called to the ministry to start an evangelical work in Reston. Reston Bible Church started in 1974 in a home Bible study. This year after 48 years of faithful service at RBC Mike completed his service there and took on new Kingdom assignments in Nashville, TN.