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WAVA and OneHeartDC presents a radio ministry bringing life-changing good news to people across the globe. Click one of the below links to listen to the Good News For The City Podcast!

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Kyle Bowman joined the show to discuss how Regeneration Ministries equip people to learn and live God’s design for sexuality.

On this episode of Good News For The City, Brenda Solomon joined us to discuss the vision of Jill’s House and how this life-giving ministry

Bob Zerrenner shared his story of God's faithfulness when he found himself jobless and wondering how he would support his family.

Clint Clifton joined the show to discuss the importance of multiplying our churches and planting new ones right here in the DMV.

Rich and Susan Kollenberg joined the show to talk about their work with “Just as I Am” Ministries, providing resources to help individuals struggling with

Anna Romani joined us to talk about how she turned her passion for photography in a business where half the proceeds go to Uganda.

Child Evangelism Fellowship joined us to talk about their work laying a foundation of the Gospel in children's formative years.

Duke L. Kwon and Gregory Thompson joined the show to talked about their book "Reparations: A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair".

Pastor John Cha joined the show to discuss the Anti-Asian crimes that are on the rise and how we can better listen to and advocate

 David’s Tent recently celebrated 2000 days of continuous, 24-7 worship and prayer. Why do they do it? Jason Hersey, joined the show to discuss why.

Good News For The City Podcast: A radio ministry bringing life-changing good news to people across the globe.


OneHeartDC is a movement uniting and mobilizing churches, Christ-centered organizations, networks and marketplace leaders to saturate Metro Washington DC (DMV) with the Good News of Jesus Christ.



Good News For The City is fueled by prayer. God responds when our prayers are aligned with His will. We pray out of adoration and awe of His power to change lives and out of weaknesses and total dependence upon Him to help us become better together.


We are united in our belief that the good news of Jesus Christ changes lives. A movement of churches, Christian leaders and organizations, we’re working together, multiplying our knowledge, influence and capabilities, and equipping each other.


We cultivate hope by meeting the needs of the under-served, and the life challenges of those seemingly “well off.” Demonstrating the gospel in deed provides a platform for sharing the gospel in word – as individuals and through united evangelistic outreaches.