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WAVA and OneHeartDC presents a radio ministry bringing life-changing good news to people across the globe. Click one of the below links to listen to the Good News For The City Podcast!

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Don and Melinda Woodenshared how they've been helping newly arriving Afghan refugees settling into the DMV.

Scott Muchow and Howard Levin talked about a new project to provide respite to pastors and their spouses so they can navigate life and ministry.

Dr. Randy Haynes joined the show to bring a Christmas message of three Christmastime teachers that you may not have thought about.

Justin Li joined the show to share how God shaped his life to be a successful entrepreneur to make an impact in the lives of

Lynne Farrell and Karime Naime joined the show to tell their story of how their life experiences prepared them for this friendship.

Randy Newman joined the show to talk about his new book "Mere Evangelism".

Pastor Jim Supp, Senior Training Pastor at Reston Bible Church, joined the show to share a Thanksgiving message!

Rachel & Taylor Barkley joined the show to share the story of God’s mercy & healing power in their lives.

The Rooted Life is a Christian lifestyle brand launched by Morgan McCrory. Morgan joined us to tell us her story and what the Rooted Life

Richard Hollister shared his story of clinging to Jesus while he rose to success as a software engineer.

Good News For The City Podcast: A radio ministry bringing life-changing good news to people across the globe.


OneHeartDC is a movement uniting and mobilizing churches, Christ-centered organizations, networks and marketplace leaders to saturate Metro Washington DC (DMV) with the Good News of Jesus Christ.



Good News For The City is fueled by prayer. God responds when our prayers are aligned with His will. We pray out of adoration and awe of His power to change lives and out of weaknesses and total dependence upon Him to help us become better together.


We are united in our belief that the good news of Jesus Christ changes lives. A movement of churches, Christian leaders and organizations, we’re working together, multiplying our knowledge, influence and capabilities, and equipping each other.


We cultivate hope by meeting the needs of the under-served, and the life challenges of those seemingly “well off.” Demonstrating the gospel in deed provides a platform for sharing the gospel in word – as individuals and through united evangelistic outreaches.