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Good News For The City | Podcast


Pastor Jorge Pina joined the show to discuss his journey from drug dealer to Pastor and talk about his church, Jesus Church.
Rev. Mark Barnard talked about Blessing Point Ministries, a ministry that aims to be a blessing to churches by helping to restore God’s blessing on them, and in doing so, spark a movement that transforms the Church and the culture at large.
Mark David Kennerly and his daughter Madison talked about using filmmaking to influence unacceptable social realities and discipleship.
Tony Alany talked about HouseRight, a ministry focused on helping the local church use smart and innovative technology.
Bishop Derek Grier joined the show to discuss National Unity Weekend, a nation-wide initiative in pursuit of unify the church and break racial barriers.
Manny Jennings (along with mom and dad) joined the show to discuss his book, It's Ok To Be Me, that inspires everyone to embrace what makes you who you are!
VA State Trooper and motivational speaker Michael McSellers discussed how to discern and align with how God is providentially and sovereignly working in our lives.
This Easter weekend we focus on the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Good News of the Gospel with Pastor Chris Sicks.
Brooke Ackerman joined the show to talk about Blueprint Mental Health Coaching.
Tom Moyer shared how God started WAVA, Good News For The City and has worked through him to advance the Gospel in metro Washington DC and beyond.