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Good News For The City | Podcast


Pastor Mark Batterson joined the show to talk about Easter Sunrise Service 2023.
Randy Newman talked about the 3rd edition of “Questioning Evangelism” and engaging non-believers in spiritual conversations by asking questions.
Kim Luckabaugh joined the show to update us on the wok happening at Reset 180, a Christian organization dedicated to eradicating sex trafficking through prevention, disruption and restoration.
Sarah Herndon joined the show to talk about Five Talents, a ministry focused on eradicating extreme poverty and creating sustainable communities in nine countries by partnering with local churches to provide programs for business and literacy training.
Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook shared the significance of the celebration of Passover for Christians and Jews alike and shared an opportunity to participate at a Seder at the Museum of the Bible and of ongoing opportunities to reach Jewish people with the Gospel.
Jim Dempsey joined the show to discuss the benefits and best methods of ministry development and fundraising.
Brad Hill provided an update on the ongoing campaign “He Gets Us”, which is saturating the US with messages focused on the person and message of Jesus.
Ryan Chew joined the show to talk about Unity Nights which is a growing worship gathering for bringing together local churches.
Dr. Jessica Moerman is a scientist and a Pastor. Today she shared her passion for educating the church and spurring us on to action in the area of creation care.
Reverend Christian B. Aaron joined us to talk about RISE, Reclaiming Identity through Self-Empowerment, and how this movement is empowering believers to overcome their challenges, follow their passion and purpose, and strengthen and revive their faith.