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Good News For The City | Podcast


Diane Eland and Sally Grizzard discussed Community Bible Study, it's nearly 650 classes in the US and how the ministry has expanded across the globe.
Marilyn Adamson talked about her work with Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) &, a website full of resources on questions about life and God.
Dr. Edwin Jones and Rev. Michael Thompson joined us to discuss an initiative that helps us instill biblical family values and invest in our children.
Rich Shipe joined us to talk about about Harvest Church Communities, a church using a unique model that seeks to show us what happens when we embrace our true purpose and pursue God instead of worldly desires.
We celebrated Easter 2022 with Pastor Chris Sicks who shared a story in Luke 7 describing a woman who experienced a double tragedy losing both her husband and now her only son. She lost the two people she loved most in the world, she lost her support and she was alone. Yet her encounter with Jesus changed everything.
Dr. David A. Renwick and Bishop Claude Alexander shared how they have joined together in the DMV as catalysts for leading change and healing regarding racial tensions and injustice - within the Church and ultimately leading to transformation in our communities.
Pastor Brian Bales discussed how the church can look ahead and reimagine what it will look like to advance the Gospel together here in the DMV and beyond post COVID.
Pastor Brian Bales discussed leadership. Specifically what it looks like leading through a double fiery trial – selling the church, moving locations, rebuilding and readying for a re-imagined mission, impact and navigating the uncharted waters of COVID19.
Pastor Brian Bales shared how Christian Fellowship Church adjusted and persevered when covid hit at a critical time in the Church's growth.
Steve King and Tom Oostdyk, both of Cherrydale Baptist Church, discussed a transition or succession in local church leadership.