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Good News For The City | Podcast


Pastor Jorge Pina discussed Gospel saturation in the DMV through street evangelism and disciple making.
Pastor Chris Eads is back to talk about his church, The Imperfect Church.
Pastor Chris Eads shares how God restores the lives of his people after divorce.
Pastor Steve King joined the show to encourage and equip Church leaders to thrive and confidently carry out the call God has on their life to the finish.  He addressed this in his book "Beware The Slow Leaks: Eight Ways Ministry Leaders Can Thrive and Finish Strong".
Pastor Thabiti Anyabwile joined the show to give a scholarly response to a “Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel” given early in 2019.
Ed Melick, author of Monumental Hugs: Divorce, Cancer, Grace & Healing, joined the show to discuss God's grace guiding us through life's unexpected twists and turns.
Pastor Brian Bales and Dennis Williams, co-hosts of Good News for the City, discussed the Thanksgiving holiday and the importance of gratitude.
Pastors Mike Minter and Steve King spoke about the importance of Church unity on this episode of Good News for the City.
On this episode of Good News for the City Tom Tarrants, author of "Consumed by Hate, Redeemed by Love" shared his story of once being filled with hate and racism and how God changed him and is now is full of love.
On this episode of Good News for the City, Daryl Dudley of She's My Daughter joined the show to discuss this movement designed to help men have a proper perspective of women, and help women heal from hurt.