Episode 183| Change a Life Foundation

Episode 183| Change a Life Foundation

Don and Melinda Wooden began their ministry by serving orphans in Africa, but have recently been called to help newly arriving Afghan refugees settling into the DMV. They shared their story on today’s show.

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Don and Melinda Wooden 

Don and Melinda Wooden are the founders of “Change a Life Foundation”, a non-profit organization that has been serving children and families, particularly orphans, in various locations in Africa. This Foundation exists to reach people of all nations for Christ so they in turn can disciple change in the lives of others.

They have recently founded two other local ministries, Operation New Life focusing on restoring the lives of men, and Afghan New Life, directed at spreading the love of Christ to newly arrived Afghan refugees in our area.

Don is the CEO of Meladon Group and Meladon Management Partners, which are leading development and property management companies in the real estate industry. He previously helped in the growth of national and international Fortune 500 office automation and technology companies.

They and their daughter live in Middleburg, VA. Where Melinda manages a horse farm business.