Episode 104 | House of David Ministries

Episode 104 | House of David Ministries

Eric Teitelman joined the show to discuss the House of David Ministries who is focused on bringing all people together in unity in Jesus Christ.


Podcast Guest

Pastor Eric Michael Teitelman

Pastor Eric Michael Teitelman is a Hebrew follower of Yeshua and an ordained bi-vocational pastor with the Southern Baptist Convention. He oversees the House of David Ministries—a Messianic and Hebraic itinerant teaching and worship ministry focused on building the Kingdom of God by bringing Jewish and Gentile Christians together as one new man in Christ Yeshua (Ephesians 2:14-16).

The ministry helps Christians gain an understanding of their Hebraic foundation and spiritual heritage, embracing the church’s calling concerning the Jewish people, and understanding God’s kingdom purposes and prophetic promises for the church and Israel. Pastor Eric grew up in Bat Yam, Israel. He and his wife Kim presently live in Haymarket, Virginia.