Episode 26 | Unshaken In Uncertain Times

Episode 26 | Unshaken In Uncertain Times

You read the news headlines, scroll through your social media feeds and even when talking to your friends and family it’s easy to hear a lot of bad news. It’s easy to get discouraged because indeed we live in some uncertain time. But, 2 Timothy 1:7 says God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love, power and a sound mind.

Today on Good News For The City, Jeanne Nigro encouraged us that you can be unshaken and un movable in these uncertain times.


Podcast Guest

Jeanne Nigro

Jeanne Nigro is a television and radio show host. She’s also an author/teacher, speaking at conferences, retreats, congregations, churches, and professional organizations.

She is the founder of Jeanne Nigro Ministries, which provides anchors of hope and healing to thousands around the globe, empowering them to stand strong in these uncertain times.

Jeanne’s passion is impacting her audiences to experience greater intimacy with God, mobilizing them out of fear, stress, frustration, apathy, and hopelessness and into fulfilling their God-given purpose. Her blogs are featured regularly with Charisma News, The Messianic Times and Christian Leadership Alliance.Prior to her teaching ministry, Jeanne worked in the corporate world for seventeen years as an organizational change consultant. Jeanne and her family reside in Plano, Texas.