Episode 30 | Global Missions

Episode 30 | Global Missions

On Good News For The City we focused on how the Gospel is making a difference and having a global impact through missions.


Podcast Guest

Cyrus Mad-Bondo, Executive Pastor – Global Impact for McLean Bible Church.

Cyrus Mad-Bondo is the Executive Pastor of Global Impact for McLean Bible Church. He served 10 years at World Help by strengthening national ministries and leading mission trips as Vice President and Africa Chief Strategist. He is originally from Central African Republic, where he met his wife of 28 years Julie. Cyrus received a Bachelor’s degree at Malone University and his Master’s degree at Liberty University.

Cyrus has lived, worked and traveled extensively throughout many African countries

He has shared the gospel across Africa and also in Hong Kong, Guatemala, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Cyrus and Julie have two children and a grandson.

Cyrus wants to inspire and mobilize the McLean Bible Church family and others to get involved not only here, but make Christ known across the globe.