Episode 21 | Fight Night – Marriage Ministry

Episode 21 | Fight Night – Marriage Ministry

When you think about a wedding, most people imagine a perfect day, everyone is dressed nicely, there a beautiful bride and handsome groom exchanging deeply felt vows and they have every intention on living those vows out for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately somewhere between that day and “forever” something goes wrong. The American Psychological Association says the divorce rate in the United States is between 40 to 50 percent… that’s an awful lot of marriages ending in divorce.

On this episode of Good News For The City  Dr. Leslie Parrott and Phil Covell to express that marriage restoration is possible with God.

Podcast Guests
Leslie Parrott

Dr. Leslie Parrott

Dr. Leslie Parrott is a marriage and family therapist. Leslie along with her husband Les, are world renowned for their work helping others build healthy relationships. They are founders of the Center for Healthy Relationships on the campus of Olivet University and have a wealth of resources at their website – click here.

Covell FT headshot

Phil Covell – Vienna Presbyterian Church

Phil Covell is the Project Manager of Ignite Vienna Outreach and Imagine Vienna for Vienna Presbyterian Church.