Episode 218 | Gentegration Pt2: Connecting Leaders Across Generations

Episode 218 | Gentegration Pt2: Connecting Leaders Across Generations

Dr. Bobby Manning joined the show and continued the discussion about his book, “GENTEGRATION: Connecting Leaders Across Generations”.

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070722 Dr. Bobby Manning

Dr. Bobby Manning

Dr. Bobby Manning is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and Senior Pastor of The Heights Church. He also serves on the Board of Directors of OneHeartDC, sponsor of this Good News for the City show. Under Dr. Manning’s leadership in empowering the community, “The Heights” has been recognized in local and national publications such as Outreach Magazine, BET, and The Washington Post. Dr. Manning is the author of four books. Saving Our Sons, Move Like a King, Are You Afraid of Heights, and GENTEGRATION: Connecting Leaders Across Generations. In addition to serving his local church, he also serves as a seminary professor, church consultant, leadership coach, and President of the Collective Empowerment Group. He is a native of the Washington, D.C. area where he and his wife LaVera currently reside with their three sons Levi, Reuben and Joseph.

The Heights Church is a 70 year-old church in District Heights, MD committed to Connecting with Communities to Cultivate Strong Christians. The Collective Empowerment Group is a 26 year-old non-profit organization that leverages the collective strength of local church leaders, business leaders and banking leaders for the economic empowerment of the DMV community.